It’s not easy to pick out a few of OneRepublic’s songs to call “Essential”. So instead we’re looking at great songs to introduce new listeners to.

We’ll start with “Secrets” which begins with a breathtakingly beautiful intro leading to a song full of impactful and meaningful lyrics. The melody stays smooth and relaxed with vocals that veer into a hymnal feeling. This song is a popular one among fans for good reason and soon you’ll be clapping along with the percussion.

The lead single for OneRepublic’s debut album is a banger. Starting off with a crisp melody featuring some haunting instrumentation it quickly moves into the classic OneRepublic vocals fans love. It has an inspirational message that has helped many fans overcome their problems or to push past their frustrations and traumas to become their best selves.

Finally,  we recommend giving “All the Right Moves” a listen. This song and video features a killer cello solo as well as that classic OneRepublic sound that has kept them fresh and relevant through their career. And let’s not forget that the lyrics are smart and thoughtful with Tedder’s voice elevating them even further.